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PLEASE NOTE:  Class days/times listed below are for the SPRING 2014 Session.  Updates will be made soon for the SUMMER 2014 Session!
Email or call Julie to enroll -- zonetwisters@gmail.com
Gym: 405-533-4033
Cell: 405-612-2207

Spring Session 1 - January 13th - March 14th (9 weeks)
Spring Session 2 - March 24th - May 23rd (9 weeks)
Summer Session - June 2nd - Aug 11th (10 weeks)

Enrollment after a session starts is accepted and tuition will be prorated.

An Annual Registration Fee of $25 for one child or $40 for family is due when enrolling for classes.

Discounts --
10% sibling discount for concurrent enrollment
25% discount for 2nd weekly class (one child taking 2 classes/week)

“Gym-Play” (10 mos. through 2 yrs.)                              

Early walkers and toddlers will build balance, strength, coordination, and motor skills as they climb, slide, jump, and roll during equipment play activities. This parent-assisted class incorporates instructor guided “structured” activities as well as free exploration time.

30 Min. Weekly Class ($72 per 9 wk Session)
Mon. 10:00a
Tues. 5:45p
Thurs. 6:00p

“PK Gymnastics”  (Boys & Girls 3-4 yrs.)

This class is designed with the general nature of preschoolers in mind - imaginative, impulsive, and eager to learn and explore! In a fun, safe and educational manner, this class pairs instruction of fundamental gymnastics skills with activities designed to enhance developmentally appropriate cognitive and social skills.

50 Min. Weekly Class ($108 per 9 wk Session)

Mon. 10:30a, 4:15p, or 6:30p
Tues. 3:30p or 4:45p
Wed. 4:30p or 5:30p
Thurs. 3:30p or 6:45p
Fri. 5:30p

“GIRLS’ Recreational Gymnastics”

Fitness Fun! Gymnastics is a great sport for all ages and abilities and provides a wonderful opportunity to develop strength, coordination, flexibility, and self control. With emphasis placed on correct form and safety, participants will learn skills in a progressive manner on the floor, uneven bars, beam, vault and trampoline, in addition to activities for development of general physical fitness.

60 Min. Weekly Class ($117 per 9 wk Session)
Ages 4-1/2 through 5 yrs --
Mon 5:15p, Tues 6:30p, Wed 3:45p or Thurs 4:45p
Level 1 -- Ages 6+ -- Mon 4:15p, Wed 5:00p, Thurs 3:30p, Thurs 6:45p

90 Min. Weekly Class ($135 per 9 wk Session)
Level 2 -- Ages 6+ -- Mon 5:30p
(Ask Coach Julie about prerequisites)

“BOYS’  Recreational Gymnastics”

A great way to channel their energy and develop incredible body strength, control and flexibility! With an emphasis on correct form and safety, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of men’s gymnastics and learn skills in a progressive manner on the floor, trampoline, high bar, rings, vault, and parallel bars.

60 Min. Weekly Class ($117 per 9 wk Session)

Ages 4-1/2 through 5 yrs -- Mon 4:15p or Tues 3:30p

Level 1
Ages 6+ -- Mon 5:30p or Wed 5:45p

90 Min. Weekly Class ($135 per 9 wk Session)
Level 2
Ages 6+ -- Wed 4:00p
(Ask Coach Julie about prerequisites)

Ask about our Boys' USAG Gymnastics Team!!

Recreational “TnT” (5 yrs. & Up)
“Tumbling ‘n Trampoline” are so inherently FUN they disguise the amount of energy being used! Skills taught will range from basic rolls to round-offs and handspring drills (tumbling) and from body positions to somersaults (trampoline & double mini). Emphasis is placed on correct form and safety.

60 Min. Weekly Classes ($117 per 9 wk Session)
Beginner - Mon. 5:45p or Wed. 4:00p

“Cheer Tumbling”
Classes are designed to optimize learning cheer tumbling skills.  No matter the skill level, we have a class for you!

LEVEL 1 - Beginning Cheer Tumbling (Skills learned - forward/backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, bridge kick-overs, back limbers)
60 Min. Weekly Class ($117 per 9 wk Session)
Mon. 6:45p, Wed. 5:15p, Thurs 4:30p, or Fri 4:15p

LEVEL 2 - Back Handspring Basic Training
Prerequisite: Beg. Tumb skills
Skill Focus: fine-tune round-off, back handspring drills to improve strength, standing back handspring

60 Min. Weekly Class ($117 per 9 wk Session)
Beginner and Advanced
Mon. 4:30p or 7:00p, Tues 6:00p, or Thurs 4:15p

LEVEL 3 - Intermediate Cheer Tumbling
Prerequisite: Round-Off, Standing Back Handspring
Skill Focus: Independent Round-Off Back Handspring
60 Min. Weekly Class ($117 per 9 wk Session)
Thurs. 4:45p

LEVEL 4 - Advanced Cheer Tumbling
Prerequisite: Independent Round-Off Back Handspring
Skill Focus: multiple back handsprings, tucks, layouts and fulls
90 Min. Weekly Class
($135 per 9 wk Session)
Wed. 6:30


Intro to Cheer (Jr. Show Squad - Ages 5 & Up)
Fri. 4:00-5:30pm ($135 for 9 wk session)

2013-2014 Zone Twisters Competitive Cheer

Level 1 Competitive Squad
Mon and Wed 3:45-5:15p

Level 2 Competitive Squad
Mon. 6:30-8:00p and Fri. 4:30-6:30p

**Those interested in competitive cheer are required to attend both classes designated for their level which will consist of tumbling, technique (motions/jumps/stunting) and routine practice.

“Acro-Dance” Class
This is the perfect class for you to either fine-tune or learn new acro skills to add to your competitive dance routines!  Depending on each girls' level, we will be working on skills such as one-arm cartwheels, "tick-tocks", front or back walkovers, side or front aerials, back handspring step-outs, and a "Valdez", as well as combinations of acro skills with jumps and/or leaps.  Just let us know your personal goals and we'll work with you to reach them!
60 Min. Weekly Class ($117 per 9 wk Session)
Friday 4:00p

HOMESCHOOL PE -- Offered during the Fall and Spring session only!
Spring 2014 Session starts Monday, January 13th, 2014

Join us on Mondays from 11:30am-12:30pm for fitness and fun for your homeschooling family!  Ages 3 & Up can participate in our weekly classes which include warm-up, stretching and gymnastics skills instruction, as well as games and relay races!  The children will be divided into groups according to age.  The class is designed as a "pay when you play" activity.  The fee is $5 per child per class and punch cards are available for family use ($40 card for 10 visits or $60 card for 20 visits).  Individual ($25) or Family ($40) Annual Registration Fees are due in August for PE.

"Strength, Speed and Agility" (10yrs & Up)

Participants will learn proper weightlifting technique and form, develop cardiovascular and muscular endurance and strength, improve running form and speed, develop better balance and agility.

Winter/Spring 2014 - $189 for each 9 wk session
Session 1: Jan 13th-March 14th
Session 2: March 24th-May 23rd

4th and 5th Grade -MWF 4:00-5:00p
6th - 9th Grade - MWF 5:00-6:00p

10th-12th Grades merging with CrossFit Stillwater
 Call Adam (405-334-2353)